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Image Association

Our software enables smart and efficient image tagging to identify guests, which promptly extracts captures at the retail outlets to optimize transaction time. Guests’ images are tracked and associated using many technologies like:

  • Barcodes
  • RFIDs
  • Wrist bands
  • Tap and Go
  • QR Cards
Image assosiation

Image Delivery

True to life photo prints with high resolution and maximum clarity are available in a range of custom sizes and unique products. These merchandises are complemented with digital keepsakes that can be instantly shared through social media, email or smart phone uploads, which in turn promotes the viral marketing of any attraction.


Digital Delivery

Digital delivery is provisioned by photo claim websites and mobile apps.

Photo Claim Websites

We can create tailored web portals for guests to log on to, and using their QR codes, download and replay their memories.

Mobile App

Guests can now view, share, download, and place orders of their digital images clicked at any attraction, on the go via mySnapps. We have the ability to customize this mobile app as per the attraction, creating thematic solutions in the process.
Not just that, we can integrate our APIs in any attraction’s mobile app enabling a seamless and a unified guest journey.